Pre Conference Cesium Workshop – Singapore

Hello from Singapore!

About 2 months ago webiks got an invitation to lecture at the AGI Users Conference in Singapore.  This invitation is exciting: a chance to meet the Cesiumjs team in person as well as other users – see what cesium can do outside the scope of our work. It was also a chance to expose our Cesium work to the pros and get feedback from power users.

The conference was preluded by a workshop given by Daniel Honaker. In this workshop Daniel went over the basics of Cesium implementation (client side) and also explained in details how to setup a running IIS server that serves CZML to the client.

AGI pre conference workshop
My point of view in the workshop…

While the client side was quite familiar to me, the web API has shown me a few things I haven’t tried before – being focused on Socket communications.  The REST API and the Cesium packages that convert data to CZML, while not directly relevant to our work, made me confront issues that I’m not used to confront in the day-to-day work with Cesium (for instance – I’ve never tried to dynamically set the material of a polygon… and found out it’s an issue during the workshop).

During the workshop I’ve learned new small things by watching Daniel setting up his examples. I’ve also met Todd, who’s the Director of Geospatial Technology at AGI. He gave me a personal presentation regarding the terrain server AGI developed.  A very impressive tool.

All in all, the workshop was great. I got to see the server side of Cesium, and have some new tricks up my sleeve.

Now that the workshop is over, we can move on to the conference…

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