GeoStrike (Alpha) – the exploration continuous

GeoStrike is a prototype of a browser-based 3D shooting game. The shooting game purely runs inside a browser and the scene is georeferenced to the real world. It leverages some awesome open source projects, including CesiumJS, 3D Tiles, GraphQL, Angular and NodeJS.

We keep exploring the potential and the technological challenges of such a game. As what we’ve built so far is still nowhere near a triple-A game, we at Webiks feel that there is an unleashed potential somewhere in the intersection area between web development, GIS technologies, computer graphics and real-time real-world data.

Captain America’s jet-pack

Recently we’ve been playing with some interesting new features:

  1. “Jet-pack” mode. Iron-Man can takeoff and fly above the streets of New York, Captain America can hover above some beautiful Aussie scenes.
  2. Multiple scenes. One huge advantage of using a virtual globe as your game rendering engine is that it is… global… Meaning that the game can be played anywhere on earth. Cesium recently published its awesome high resolution global terrain tileset, so now the game can be played in beautiful areas such as Uluru-Kata Tjuta (Australia) and  Fiordland National Park (New Zealand).
  3. Characters animations. glTF makes characters animation relatively easy.

Stay tuned, as we keep exploring (and playing) with this concept.


Some useful links:

  • GeoStrike is open source. here’s the repo.
  • The games details are presented in this blog post.
  • Some technical challenges, mostly GraphQL related, are published here.
  • The video can be found here.


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