Angular material design 0.9 is out!

Angualr material design 0.9 was just released today (a few days behind scheule, but still good). No major functionality enhancment, but many bugs we fixed, along with layouts validation and browser/device compatibility.  Some of the changes are supposed to result with improved performance.

One nice addition is the “chips” directive, which allows you to create a “tagging” module.  You can check it out here.

With all the improvements there are some breaking changes. While I didn’t find all of them, one of them was standing out for me: the Tabs directive.

In the old version, the tabs directive was the simple <md-tabs><md-tab></md-tab></md-tabs> syntax both in your HTML as well as in the rendered output.

Now it also adds: <md-tabs-wrapper> as well as other HTML elements that might break your design if you have built upon HTML structure.

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